blonde. blonde. blonde.

So the latest news is:

I am now blonde.

I wish I had something more exciting to blog about today in my new found blogging glory, but alas my day consisted of dance practice, subway sandwiches, and a serious nap time with Lauren.–That’s what best friends are for, right?

So anyways, back to the blonde. It was a process and I looked remarkably like Vitamin C (the girl from the 90’s who sang that song Graduation) there for a bit but now I am blonde and loving it. :)

Check out the time line:

Here I am as brunette as god created me.

Here is the week long Vitamin C stage where I rarely left the house and rocked a red bandana most days just to cement the whole trailer trash peroxide blonde feel.

See the resemblance???

So then I went to see the wonderful Colie at Willow Salon & Spa and by the magic of hair dye and foils she transformed me into a normal looking individual who could finally leave the house. Yay!

and that concludes this semi=pointless post.


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